Paypal donations?

What a pleasant surprise that several of you have asked if I can provide a Paypal address for you to make a donation. ¬†Whilst I never wrote these blogs with that in mind, there has been such a significant uptake and quite a few questions and many hours of support that if you really do feel the need to buy me a beer then just use the demo app to send me a quick message and I’ll reply with a paypal link for you.

Thanks for your support and any amount small or large that you give will be gratefully received.

One last thing, if the documentation and source code gets a little out of sync or the demo apps evolve and no longer reflect the original post, please be patient and just send me a message – I’ll try to help with any problems you may have.

One thought on “Paypal donations?

  1. Thanks to for their kind generosity – they not only donated enough for a few beers but I felt obliged not to waste it completely on alcohol and bought a license for TouchCopy so that I can at last download all the content from Apple devices (including text messages etc.) without going anywhere near iTunes!

    Thanks Ryan @ HDWP and glad your Joomla site is serving vcards for the masses…

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